NOV 18 – A Decade After the Big Crisis: The Future of Financial Regulation

with MIT Sloan School of Management faculty:
Gary Gensler, Professor of the Practice, Global Economics and Management
Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship and head of Global Economics and Management
Laura Kodres, Golub Distinguished Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer

Monday, November 18


The Mens et Manus America Initiative

Nearly one decade after the Global Financial Crisis, regulators and policymakers are rolling back post-Crisis regulations, including regulations meant to strengthen capital and liquidity requirements as well as ‘living wills’ for large banks. What where the major initiatives taken since 2008 to strengthen regulatory oversight? What tangible impact has the evolving regulatory landscape for Wall Street had on Main Street? And looking forward to the next ten years, where are we going? How is technology changing the way policy makers approach the financial sector?

In this panel Q&A, we will explore these important questions and seek to better understand the regulatory challenges facing regulators, supervisors, financial institutions, and policymakers today.