MIT GCFP 8th Annual Conference – Financial Policy and the Environment


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We are pleased to bring you this year’s annual conference, titled “Financial Policy and the Environment,” hosted in partnership with Barclays, on Wednesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 21.

The conference will bring together leading academics, market participants and policy makers to discuss the role of and challenges for financial policy in helping to support a transition to a more environmentally sustainable future. It features a combination of high-level keynote addresses, panel discussions, and presentations of new research findings.

Highlights include a fireside chat with Larry Fink (Chairman and CEO, BlackRock), a keynote address by Sarah Breeden (Executive Director, Financial Stability Strategy and Risk, Bank of England), and scheduled speakers including James Stock (Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability at Harvard and former Council of Economic Advisors member) and Gert Jan Koopman (Director General of Budget, European Commission).


Wednesday, October 20: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM (ET)

Introductions: GCFP Director Deborah Lucas and C.S. Venkatakrishnan, Barclays Head of Global Markets and Co-President of Barclays Bank PLC

Keynote Address: Sarah Breeden, Executive Director, Financial Stability Strategy and Risk, Bank of England

Session 1: Panel Discussion “First Principles: What role can and should financial regulation play in addressing the environment?”

Session 2: Panel Discussion “Corporate and investor perspectives”

Session 3: Paper Presentations “Innovations in measurement and theory, Part 1”

Session 4: Paper Presentations “New market-based evidence”

Thursday, October 21: 8:10 AM – 3:05 PM (ET)

Fireside Chat with Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock

Session 5: “The EU’s green bond initiative”

Session 6: Panel Discussion “Disclosures and metrics”

Session 7: Paper Presentations “Social discount rates revisited”

Session 8: Paper Presentations “Innovations in measurement and theory, Part 2”

Session 9: Paper Presentations “Young scholars forum”

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