Materials – 6th Annual GCFP Conference

Paper Session I: Improving Products and Institutions

  • Default Options and Retirement Saving Dynamics by Taha Choukhmane (PAPER) (SLIDES)
  • Is There a Demand for Reverse Mortgages in China? Evidence from Two Online Surveys by Hazel Bateman, Hanming Fang, Katja Hanewald, and Shang Wu (PAPER) (SLIDES)
  • SeLFIES—A Globally Applicable Bond Innovation to Improve Retirement Funding and Support Other Policy Objectives by Robert C. Merton and Arun Muralidhar (SLIDES) (PRESS)
  • Improving retirement finances by James Choi (SLIDES)

Paper Session II: Sustainability and Efficiency

  • The Sustainability of State and Local Government Pensions: A Public Finance Approach by Jamie Lenney, Byron Lutz, and Louise Sheiner (PAPER) (SLIDES)
  • Should the government be paying investment fees on $3 trillion of tax-deferred retirement assets? by Mattia Landoni and Stephen P. Zeldes (PAPER) (SLIDES)

Panel Discussion: Models for Public Pension Plan Reform

  • Global Opportunities for Retirement Plan Innovation by Robert C. Pozen (SLIDES)
  • MainePERS (Public Employees Retirement System) by Sandy Matheson (SLIDES)

Paper Session III: Are Public Plan Investment Choices Different?

  • Reach for Yield by U.S. Public Pension Funds by Kenechukwu Anandu, James Bohn, Lina Lu, Matthew Pritsker, and Andrei Zlate (PAPER) (SLIDES)
  • The Subsidy to Infrastructure as an Asset Class by Aleksandar Andonov, Roman Kräussl, and Joshua D. Rauh (PAPER) (SLIDES)
  • Are Public Plan Investment Choices Different? by Arun Muralidhar (SLIDES)