GCFP 7th Annual Conference Papers

WED OCT 14 (Day 1, Session 2)

Paper #1:
“Structuring Mortgages for Macroeconomic Stability”
-John Y. Campbell, Harvard University
-Nuno Clara, London Business School
-João F. Cocco, London Business School (presenting)

Paper #2:
“Mortgage Stress without GSEs. Lessons from Hurricanes and the Credit Risk Transfers”
-Pedro Gete, IE Business School (presenting)
-Athena Tsouderou, IE Business School
-Susan M. Wachter, The Wharton School

Paper #3:
“CRT and Pricing of Mortgage Risk”
-Edward Golding, MIT
-Deborah Lucas, MIT

THU OCT 15 (Day 2, Session 4)

Paper #1:
“Algorithmic Accountability: A Legal and Economic Framework
-Robert P. Bartlett, III, UC Berkeley
-Adair Morse, UC Berkeley (presenting)
-Richard Stanton, UC Berkeley
-Nancy Wallace, UC Berkeley

Paper #2:
“Housing Finance Reform: How GSE affordability targets address income and racial imbalances in homeownership”
-Jeff Meli, Barclays (presenting)
-Ajay Rajadhyaksha, Barclays
-Zornitsa Todorova, Barclays

Paper #3:
“The Geography of Mortgage Lending in Times of FinTech”
-Christoph Basten, University of Zurich (presenting)
-Steven Ongena, University of Zurich

Additional recent work on housing finance from Barclays:
Barclays Impact Series – Housing finance reform: Addressing a growing divide
The Flip Side Podcast Episode 29: Should the US government play such an outsized role in housing finance? (available 10/14 at 11am)