Visiting CFP scholar Tanyeri explores public bank performance

image002.jpganyeriBaşak Tanyeri, an Assistant Professor of Finance at Bilkent University, visited the CFP this summer to pursue a new research project evaluating the performance of public banks. Using a large and newly available dataset on public and private bank loans in Turkey, she is exploring whether and how the bank lending channel differs for government-owned and private banks. With that analysis, Tanyeri hopes to understand whether government banks are socially motivated and whether their loan portfolio is more concentrated on special-interest firms such as small and medium enterprises and firms from economically depressed regions relative to privately-owned banks. The project is still in the preliminary stages, but we’ll publish a synopsis of her findings when they are available.

Prior to joining Bilkent University, Tanyeri worked as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Southern Illinois University. She received her MS and PhD in finance from Boston College and BA from Middle East Technical University. Her published papers cover a diverse range of topics from mergers to transparency of financial institutions to responses of money market mutual funds to systemic shocks.