GCFP participates in ICGFM Winter Conference


As evidenced by recent elections around the world, the need to build trust in government is clear. While public sector financial management (PFM) is typically thought of as a rather opaque and uninspiring activity, it can be used to help turn citizen cynicism into engagement and buy-in, particularly if we can find ways to leverage the growing availability of technology and data into new and creative forms. Government financial managers need to discard tired and old thinking in order to innovate. And it’s not as simple as flooding cyberspace with terabytes of data or hoping incoming crops of elected and appointed officials will be enlightened in this regard. Everyone needs to contribute if we’re to enable a future where citizens have ready access to actionable information and are able to engage with ease. It’s time to change the mindset up and down the PFM line.

Doug Criscitello explored this topic as keynote speaker at the recent conference of the International Consortium of Government Financial Management held December 5-6 at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. For more information about the ICGFM 2016 Winter Training Conference, please click here.