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You can use the model to help develop your answers to the questions on investment strategies and risk-sharing policies. Certain model parameters are fixed — you can change these in the code to explore the effects of alternative assumptions, but we will use the fixed values to evaluate the quantitative contest entries.

You will need to modify the source code if you want to incorporate dynamic investment strategies. If you modify the code, your entry must include the modifications so that the results can be reproduced. 

The steady state distribution of workers is a table which granularly shows the number of workers, in the steady state, of different current ages (the first row represents the current age of 25 and the last row represents the current age of 62) and different ages at which the workers joined the plan (the first column represents the workers who joined the plan at age 25 and the last column represents the workers who joined the plan at age 62.) All cells are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive to represent all possible cases of any worker in service. They sum to the total size of the workforce: 100,000.


  • Download: Model Overview — provides a detailed description of the logic of the model and of the fixed and user-selected parameters.