Advisory Board

GCFP Advisory Board Members

Dr. Bennett Golub, Chair Chief Risk Officer, BlackRock Inc
Jacques Attali President, PlaNet Finance
Carla Avila Head of Financial Institutions, Baron Capital
Dr. Sung Cheng Chih Investment Advisor, Singapore Ministry of Finance
Dr. Dan Crippen Former Director, Congressional Budget Office
Peter Fisher Senior Fellow, Tuck School at Dartmouth
Ana Gil-Costa Managing Director, Hoving Capital
Bernard Horn President, Polaris Capital Management LLC
Dr. Robert Litterman Risk Committee Chairman, Kepos Capital LP
Mac McQuown Principal and Director, DCI LLC
Nan Morrison President/CEO, Council for Economic Education
Joseph Naggar Partner/Head of Structured Products, Golden Tree Asset Management
Mary Naphtal Chief Operating Officer/Founding Partner, P/E Investments
Warren Naphtal Chief Investment Officer/Founding Partner, P/E Investments
Joel Ornstein Chairman/CEO, Majorn Corporation
Robert Pozen Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan and Former President, Fidelity Investments
Manu Sareen Co-CEO, Global Atlantic Re and Head of Reinsurance and M&A, Global Atlantic
Sadeq Sayeed Chairman, Metage Capital Limited
Dr. Sung-Hwan Shin President, Korea Institute of Finance
Dr. Andre Stern Principal/Founding Partner, Oxford Asset Management LLP
Chi-Won Yoon Former President and CEO of UBS