3rd Annual Conference: Papers & Slides

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Background Papers and Slides for Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1: Securitization and Its Discontents

Joseph Naggar, GoldenTree Asset Management – Slides
Ed DeMarco, Miliken Institute  – Background paper 1   Background paper 2
Laurie Goodman, Urban Institute – Background paper  Slides
Nancy Wallace, UC, Berkeley – Slides

Panel Discussion 2: What We Don’t Know

Michael S. Barr, University of Michigan.  Slides
Robert Merton, MIT.  Slides

Materials from Paper Sessions

Paper Session I. Ground Zero: Housing and the Mortgage Market

Manuel Adelino, Duke, Antoinette Schoar, MIT, Felipe Severino, Dartmouth, “Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Class”  Slides
Daniel Greenwald, MIT. “The Mortgage Credit Channel of Macroeconomic Transmission”  Slides
Pedro Gete, Georgetown, and Michael Reher, Harvard. “Systemic Banks, Mortgage Supply and Housing Rents”  Slides
Discussant: Paul Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  Slides

Paper Session II. Regulatory Changes and Their Consequences

Marcelo Rezende, FRB, Mary-Frances Styczynski, FRB, and Cindy M. Vojtech, FRB. “The Effects of Liquidity Regulation on Bank Demand and Monetary Policy Operations”  Slides
Jens Dick-Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School, and Marco Rossi, Texas A&M, “The Cost of Immediacy for Corporate Bonds”   Slides
Kristen Forbes, MIT and BOE, Dennis Reinhardt, BOE, and Tomasz Wieladek. “The Spillovers, Interactions, and (Un)Intended Consequences of Monetary and Regulatory Policies”  Slides
Discussant: Chester Spatt, Carnegie Mellon.  Slides

Paper Session III. Systemic Risk

Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Lehigh University, and Gerard Hoberg, USC Marshall School of Business. “Dynamic Interpretation of Emerging Systemic Risks”   Slides
Rickard Nyman, UCL, David Gregory, Bank of England, Sujit Kapadia, Bank of England, Paul Ormerod, UCL, David Tuckett, UCL & Robert Smith, UCL,
“News and Narratives in Financial Systems: Exploiting Big Data for Systemic Risk Assessment”  Slides
Silvia Gabrieli, Banque de France and Co-Pierre Georg, University of Cape Town, “A Network View of Interbank Liquidity”  Slides
Discussant: Andrew Lo, MIT.  Slides


Slides from Lunch Session

Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University. “Dynamic Risk Networks”  Slides